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Sara Angarita Rodriguez
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Sara Angarita Rodriguez

adamburrell: @perrieeele the birthday girl 🌺🌸

perrieeele: Workkkkk

Perrie & the MixMen backstage at British Summer Time in Hyde Park, 13th July.

Perrie & Zayn kissing at her birthday funfair, 9th July.

The girls for We love pop

Dear Ashton,

Some of us may haven’t known you for as long as some others of us, but I assure we all love you just as much as the next fan. And the amount of love you give us never ceases to make us feel proud for how far you’ve come. You may say you wouldn’t have gotten to where you guys are today without us, but we would have never been there if you hadn’t been as awesome as you are! Please always stay the way you are, because we all love you dearly.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and receive all the things you wished for! We love you x

Happy Birthday!


29/06/2014 | milan

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